We believe in slow fashion and strive to create pieces that will last for years. Our daily values include attention to detail, integrity, and constantly learning and improving techniques. We aim to be as sustainable as possible: In the materials, we use and produce our products locally in Switzerland. 

We know that no material is entirely perfect and harmless to the environment. We use the “made to order” model to prevent overproduction and waste. Good things need time. We work closely together with small-scale manufacturers in Zurich and Ticino. You support the local community through this purchase and revive the traditional handcrafts. All of our garments are produced with care and dedication.

All prints are designed with devotion by Nina Müller, Founder of Serlet. We print most fabrics on-demand and have a small quantity of printed organic cotton fabrics on stock. We use, if possible sustainable-certified materials, recycled fabrics, and exclusive, high-quality fabrics that are intended to be loved for a lifetime.

Serlet is currently only available exclusively direct-to-consumer online. People of all ages can enjoy our relaxed and comfortable loungewear. For us, this is as it should be beautiful, clean, and personal.

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